Senior Operations Research Specialist

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Job ID 32-2038 – Senior Operations Research Specialist

InfoSpekta is searching for a highly skilled and motivated Senior Operations Research Specialist to join our dynamic finance team. The ideal candidate will possess deep expertise in financial analysis, data modeling, and managerial cost accounting, particularly within the context of federal financial systems. In addition to the requirements outlined below, the candidate will be responsible for developing, maintaining, and enhancing financial models and reporting tools to support the Federal Protective Service (FPS).


• Analyze results and to identify and validate drivers. As necessary, revise Accounting Classification Code Structure (ACCS) to capture FPS financial data based on cost drivers and other financial reporting needs. The model and lessons learned shall be utilized in this process.

• Validate, and modify as directed, the existing catalog of all activities resulting from, or in support of, each functional area identified in the concept of operations.

• Recommend the extent to which data related to work accomplished is captured, in support of a unit cost analysis and for deriving revenue assessments. Make recommendations on data analytics and collection methodologies. Ensure sufficient information exists to establish sound defensible management decisions on resource distribution, reporting, and cost burdens.

• Review existing documentation of all drivers associated with providing services, identify and document new cost drivers, and recommend changes within guidelines of the DHS Common Appropriations Structure (CAS). Provide FPS with a sustainable methodology or business practices by which Headquarters (HQ), Zones and Regional offices throughout the United States can capture this information.

• The ACCS should align to DHS Managerial Cost Accounting requirements. Detail is required by HQ/Zone/Region, by Activity, by Program, and by Project. Additional items for consideration include building number, Facility Security Level (FSL), strategic plan alignment, and other identified areas.

• Document the data collection processes, methodologies, and any changes, as necessary or required.

• Document recommended use and application of data collected in management decision making processes for resource distribution and cost allocation.

• Until otherwise directed by FPS, the Federal Financial Management System (FFMS) shall be the financial data source and the interface shall be seamless with a single data pull of all necessary data. To the extent revenue or performance data exists outside of FFMS, ensure a seamless data interface to populate necessary model components.

• Recommend a labor distribution model and review Payroll Data in FFMS and level of detail, recommend modifications to align payroll costs in financial system to be in line with the allocation methodology. Work as necessary with MGMT/FPS-Human Capital and the field to implement.

• Perform building count analyses, sensitivity analyses, source data analyses, coefficient and variance analyses, operational workload data analyses, and regression analyses utilizing FPS designed software such as RStudio.

• Evaluate how well the current fee structure relates to service delivery model that FPS provides. Recommend any modeling updates to improve or streamline the current model or processes would better align the fees with the service delivery model FPS provides. For each recommended change, define the impact to the Agency revenue and affected customers.

• Make Specific Fee Recommendations – After full evaluation of the current fee structure, to include separate fees collected through the defined Agency Fee, the contractor shall recommend specific changes in that structure. Based on the cost documentation of major activities in each functional area, make recommendations on potential restructuring of the current fee categories by lines of business.

• Provide continuous monitoring to identify any new potential areas for fee charges. Define the impact of any potential new fee amounts by customer and determine the level of new revenue which FPS would realize.

• Ensure all phases of the ABC model and results are in compliance with OMB Circular A- 25.

• Support sustainment of the FPS ABC model, software application, and support system owner in meeting system requirements.

• Minimize to greatest extent possible the number of allocations that occur within the model.

• Utilize and maintain ABC model results for use FPS in key performance monitoring and reporting. Identify and document recommendations for continuous improvement regarding rate-setting, revenue projections, and tracking collections against expenditures processes and practices in a manner that enables FPS’ decisions to be transparent and fully defensible.

• Perform evaluations of the FPS billing process to support potential updates in the fee structure and methods.

• Research, verify and communicate key causes of significant fluctuations as determined by Federal personnel.

• Provide updates to prior documentation on the ABC model and billing process.

• Update documentation at each release and/or process change.

• Provide training and knowledge transfer to Federal Staff in understanding, utilizing, maintaining, updating, and reconstructing the models.

• Recommend and deliver a means by which to distribute and validate federal time spent on activities.

• Identify a quantitative basis for validating number and mix of skills needed to support the mission.

• Perform root cause analysis and ensure modeling capabilities can perform operational what- if scenarios.

• Provide assurance of modeling accuracy and data reliability to support management decisions.

• Provide support to FPS in responding to oversight inquiries from such external stakeholders as Congressional, GAO and/or OIG.

• Provide support to FPS in responding to GAO recommendations and FPS progress and/or status for FPS Leadership, MGMT, DHS, OMB, and other stakeholders and customers through quad chart reporting, project schedule development and maintenance, PowerPoints, issue papers, etc.

• Maintain models to address all GAO and OMB recommendations relating to ABC and Fee Setting or other modeling efforts. The model must be sufficient to close open recommendations and prevent future recommendations.

• Continuously incorporate new advances in managerial cost accounting, ABC delivery, statistical and/or staffing analyses, and financial integration with operational activities into all phases of Model delivery and recommendations made to FPS.

• Assist in the operation and maintenance of the models to include but not limited to the configuration and/or adoption of new business elements, requirements documentation and design, input of data into the model, analysis from the model, scenario development, analysis, and other such model support activities.

• Utilize a communication strategy for sustaining the ABC model and BSA fee structure to FPS internal and external stakeholders and customers. Support routine communication outreach efforts to FPS internal and external stakeholders and customers, including presentation material as well as the development and issuance of annual BSA customer letters and supporting documentation.

• Work with Servicing Finance Centers and FPS/ Information Technology (IT) to develop reports that meet FPS requirements leveraging existing tools to the greatest extent possible.

• Coordinate with Regional Offices and Headquarter Divisions to distribute reports and collect data and variance reporting.

• Provide variance analysis and recommendations.

• Provide support services to review, develop, and update financial policies and procedures for FPS related to Federal Government and Accounting regulations, integrating efficiencies where appropriate.

• Assist in the development and/or update of financial policies and procedures to address and prevent audit findings and recommendation areas, utilizing plain language.

• Assist in compliance with financial concepts related to Federal IT policies, procedures, and requirements.

• Provide support on financial system IT General Controls and on recommendations related to audit findings.

• Provide support in cost estimating and with capital planning and investment controls. Provide support services to implement the requirements of OMB guidance and other financial standards, the results achieved on existing or proposed internal controls and automated tool sets, integrating internal controls into overall financial, and cost and performance business processes and procedures.

• Provide support to all aspects of OMB A-123 Internal Controls and Improper Payments Elimination and Recovery Act (IPERA) and Annual Financial Statement Audit, or any internal FPS Financial Reviews, including process walkthroughs, sampling, testing, and data analysis support as well as providing recommendations for program or policy improvements to reach identified targets and remediate weaknesses or findings.

• Provide support in the analysis and correction of data integrity errors associated with subsidiary-to-general ledger reconciliations, intra-agency eliminations, and other financial data quality assurance issues to include preparing procedures on the findings of the financial auditor.

• Assess the current reports available to FPS for financial management and recommend new reports and revised structures to meet FPS financial requirements.

• Assist in documenting how to create and populate all FPS financial reports, and train FPS users nationwide as necessary.

• Assess the field FTE and contractors supporting financial management operations within FPS and a provide a recommendation to include best practices for the management of these operations to include optimal federal staffing required to manage the process, recommended skill sets, and training requirements or certifications associated with the optimal staffing identified.

• Assist in the development and recommend standardized financial performance metrics for

the organization, including reporting of Government Performance and Result Act / Modernization Act (GPRMA) measures. Document methodology and reporting criteria used to produce standardized reports.

• Provide critical support to and advanced knowledge of federal accounting systems and financial reporting to maintain strategic, tactical, and operational levels of excellence.

• Assist with feasibility analysis, development, recommendations, clean-up, and cost analysis of financial system reports and reporting requirements.

• Provide ongoing expertise in financial policy and procedures, research and analysis, recommendations for business process improvements, financial statement analysis, reconciling financial reports, performing validation and verification of accounting records, analyzing estimates and accruals and other financial related business efforts and activities.

• Provide internal control support as well as assisting in the development and execution of Mission Action Plans (MAPs), Corrective Action Plans (CAPs), and other required remediation.

• Support financial audits and OMB Circular A-123 reviews including development and maintenance of standard operating procedures.

• Work with FPS Offices and the ICE Office of Financial Management to develop system change requests to improve internal controls and business process efficiency.

• Provide technical expertise related to various systems modernization activities affecting financial systems including, document preparation, requirements analysis and documentation, data clean-up, change management, communications and process standardization and improvements.

• Advise on the creation of new process documentation to ensure compliance with appropriate internal controls and FPS policies.

• Prepares and delivers briefings and presentations, including status briefings, findings, and recommendations.

• Establish an Internal Control Program Governance framework with FPS to define a formalized communication structure that promotes effective communication within FPS, and with DHS Departmental Management Operations. As part of this, we will assist FPS in identifying and understanding available process documentation, assessing roles and responsibilities, evaluating existing functions (like the Self Inspection Function) and integrating these into a complete internal control program framework for FPS.

• Perform an organizational assessment that promotes entity level control, considers roles and responsibilities, inventories existing processes and subprocesses and identifies existing process documentation, allows for plans to create process documentation where possible, and informs corrective action plans so that process gaps may be readily filled and robust documentation created to assist the entity in improving the effectiveness of execution of internal control.

• Establish a Risk Assessment and Risk Management framework that informs planning for internal control assessments, prioritizes and establishes monitoring of key functions, and enables more reliable and targeted results to assist in mitigating audit risk. We will assist FPS in developing a detailed risk assessment process that can be used for multifaceted purposes in support of financial reporting and operations and considers the overall goals of the organization.

• Create dashboards and data visualizations to meaningfully demonstrate, report, and track progress by process area and accountable process owner that may be leveraged to help inform and drive decision making and changes across FPS.

• Execute annual A-123 assessments. Review annual results and consider them during scoping and planning each year and provide consideration for how to add procedures to identify deficiencies and issues that have not previously been identified before they are identified as potential audit issues. Facilitate corrective action planning that is prioritized by risk and enables transformation. Conduct verification and validation to confirm the effectiveness of the remediation activities and promote sustainability of these activities.


• 20 years of business and financial experience with no less than 10 years of experience in the delivery of ABC Models.

The following can be used as substitutes for the experience requirements of this key position:

• 20 years of business and financial experience can be substituted for 10 years of program management experience in the delivery of Cost Estimation and

• Financial Management or Analysis, plus a completed and issued Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

• 20 years of business and financial experience can be substituted for 10 years of program management experience in the delivery of Cost Estimation and Financial Management or Analysis, DAWIA Level 3 Certification for Business Cost Estimating, or Program Financial Management.


• A Master’s degree is required in one of the following disciplines: Finance, Accounting, Business, or a related discipline (a Doctorate degree is preferred).

• Support and integration of cost estimation and statistical analysis of operational data to include managerial cost accounting, process and data analysis, performance integration, and operational/security integration.

• Expert knowledge of Cost Perform software with ability to function within the existing model created by FPS.

• Cost accounting, financial accounting, reporting, auditing, operational research and data analysis, statistical and process improvement, oral and written communication


• Remote position with occasional on-site meetings in the DC Virginia office as requested by the client